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We still serve our customers by telephone and e-mail. Information on the situation of your region can be found on the website of the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL). 

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Being a party to a criminal process

The victim of a criminal offence is referred to as the injured party. The person suspected of having committed a criminal offence is referred to as the suspect during the pre-trial investigation and as the accused, or the defendant, at the trial. Furthermore, the prosecutor is one of the parties at the trial.

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The National Prosecution Authority

The independent National Prosecution Authority is a State authority and part of the judicial system. Its task is to ensure the realisation of criminal liability, i.e. that the proper statutory punishment is attached to a criminal act. In the decisions they make in prosecution matters, prosecutors are autonomous and independent administrators of justice.

The National Prosecution Authority is a key actor in the processing chain of criminal matters and is the only authority involved at all stages of processing a criminal matter.

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Prosecution service in figures

  • 81 538 Cases decided by prosecutors 2019
  • 48,15 M € Expenditures of the prosecution service 2020
  • 540 Person-years 2019
  • 3,5 Well-being at work score 2019