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Charges brought for aggravated trafficking in human beings in the berry-picking case

The Finnish Prosecution Service
Publication date 31.1.2024 11.38 | Published in English on 31.1.2024 at 11.42
Press release

The prosecutors of National Prosecution Authority Finland's Northern Finland prosecution district have brought charges for 56 counts of aggravated trafficking in human beings against Vernu Vasunta, CEO of Kiantama Oy. Charges for 56 counts of aggravated trafficking in human beings have been brought against Vasunta's Thai business partner in the same case.

The charge concerns Thai berry pickers subjected to forced labour, in the form of picking wild berries, and other conditions that violate human dignity. The alleged offences were committed in various parts of Finland in 2022. The injured parties were recruited in Thailand for picking berries.

The suspects have denied their guilt.

The application for a summons has been submitted to the District Court of Lapland with prosecution case number R 23/8666 and District Court case number R 24/187. The application for a summons will become public when the matter has been instituted in the District Court, unless otherwise ordered by the District Court. 

We have nothing further to announce on the matter at this stage.

Specialised Prosecutor Maarit Kuivala, [email protected]
District Prosecutor Anna-Leena Farin, [email protected]
District Prosecutor Niina Palojärvi, [email protected]