Prosecutor General

The Prosecutor General leads the National Prosecution Authority as the supreme prosecutor.

The Prosecutor General serves as the prosecutor in matters which by law fall within his or her remit or that he or she takes up for consideration. Among other things, he or she decides on the submission of a prosecutor’s petition to the Supreme Court for leave of appeal and on the representation of prosecutors in the Supreme Court.

The Prosecutor General supervises and promotes the legal quality and consistency of prosecution activities. He or she also participates in the development of legislation, gives general instructions to prosecutors and supervises his or her subordinate prosecutors.

The Prosecutor General may take over a case from a subordinate prosecutor or assign a subordinate prosecutor to a case where the Prosecutor General has decided a charge is to be brought In addition, the Prosecutor General may assign a case to a subordinate prosecutor for consideration of possible charges.

Ari-Pekka Koivisto is standing in front of a grey wall and looking at the camrea

Ari-Pekka Koivisto is the current Prosecutor General.