Junior Prosecutor

Serving as a junior prosecutor is the first step in most prosecutors' careers. A junior prosecutor has relatively little work experience as a lawyer. 

The position of junior prosecutor is a fixed-term public-service employment relationship of nine months. During that time, the junior prosecutor completes the Syyttäjän startti training programme inducting them into the work of a prosecutor.

After their time as a junior prosecutor, the prosecutor can be appointed to a fixed-term or permanent position of district prosecutor.

The work of a junior prosecutor is not tied to a specific location

The National Prosecution Authority can hire location-independent junior prosecutors. This means that the fixed-term post is allocate to a certain locality, but the junior prosecutor may request leave to work elsewhere.

Example: The junior prosecutor is based in Lahti but mostly works in Tampere, where they live. 

For the purposes of peer support, orientation and learning, it is important for the junior prosecutor to spend at least part of their time at the office designated by the National Prosecution Authority.

In other words, a junior prosecutor must be able to travel to their actual office every now and then. A tutor responsible for the orientation of the junior prosecutor is appointed for every junior prosecutor.

Pay of a junior prosecutor

A junior prosecutor will be paid 3,100 euros/month for the first six months. After that, they will be paid a beginning district prosecutor's salary for the last three months, which is 4,326.15 euros/month. A junior prosecutor can also receive a language bonus.

How can I apply to be a junior prosecutor?

Find open positions on the valtiolle.fi website. Junior prosecutors can be recruited both directly and through the prosecutor pool.