Penal orders, fine orders and fixed petty fine orders may be appealed to the District Court of the place of offence.

The person issued the order may appeal the order.

The injured party may appeal the order only if any of the procedural faults laid down in Chapter 31, Section 1 of the Code of Judicial Procedure took place, the order is based on the incorrect application of the law, or the injured party has not understood the significance of his or her consent.

Deadline for appeals

The deadline for appeals concerning a fine order or a fixed petty fine order is 30 days from the person fined being notified by the police. The deadline for appeals concerning a penal order is 60 days from the date of consent or 30 days from the issuing of the penal order.

The prosecutor represents the State in the court consideration of an appeal also in those situations where the order was issued by the police or another pre-trial investigation authority.