The right of a person fined to submit an account to the prosecutor

If you have received a fine request, you have the right to provide an account on the matter. You can submit an account on a material change in your ability to pay, your maintenance obligation or  inform about another matter of importance with a view to deciding on the matter.

You can submit the account electronically or in writing to any prosecution district office

  • Indicate the fine's collection code in your account. 
  • Attach a photograph or copy of the fine with the account. 

Fines are processed in an electronic system, so a verbal account alone will not suffice.
The account must be delivered to National Prosecution Authority Finland within 14 days of the fine being issued by the police. The prosecutor must take an account submitted on the fine into consideration before deciding on the fine if the account would affect the monetary amount of the unit fine or would be otherwise relevant.

Accounts delivered after the prosecutor has made their decision will not be considered.

You can use the form on this page to submit your account on the fine.

Form: Account concerning fine procedure

The personal identity code is requested to ensure that the information related to the fine can be reliably identified. Personal data shall be processed in accordance with section 12 of the Act on the Processing of Personal Data in Criminal Matters and in Connection with Maintaining National Security. More information about Data protection in the National Prosecution Authority.