Fine procedure

Fine procedure means the written processing and decision of a fine matter taking place outside a court. Depending on the offence and case, the police or the prosecutor imposes a fixed petty fine or a fine. The procedure requires the consent of the injured party and the party suspected of the offence.

A fine (a fixed petty fine order, fine order or penal order) is permitted as a penalty in the fine procedure, if the offence is punishable by law by a maximum sentence of six months of imprisonment. In connection with the fine, a forfeiture of the proceeds of crime with a maximum amount of EUR 1,000 may be imposed, for example. Additionally, a victim surcharge of EUR 40 will be imposed during the fine procedure in the situations where the Act on Victim Surcharge so requires.

The Office of the Prosecutor General does not handle fine cases. If you have questions regarding a fine, please contact a Prosecution District.

Contact information of Prosecution Districts

The authority responsible for collecting the fines is the Legal Register Centre.