Change in solvency

The total monetary amount of the fine is calculated according to the day fine system. The number of day fines based on the nature of the act is multiplied by the monetary amount of the day fine, which in turn is determined by the solvency of the person fined.

The day fine is determined by the net monthly income

The amount of the day fine is the sixtieth part of the average net monthly income of the person fined. This amount is subject to certain deductions, such as the fixed deduction for basic consumption, which is currently 255 euros. The minimum amount of a day fine is 6 euros.

The net monthly income includes all taxable earned and capital income, employee benefits, pension and most of the social benefits. The net monthly income is generally determined on the basis of taxation, so the data may be out of date.

The prosecutor takes changes in solvency into consideration

In considering the penal order, the prosecutor must take into account any information they may have on a material decline in the solvency of the person fined. A change of 20–25% is considered to be material.