Summary penal order

If the person fined does not consent to the fine procedure when notified of a fine or a fixed petty fine, the pre-trial investigation authority may issue a summary penal order. The person fined has 30 days to change his or her mind and consent to the procedure by paying the fine in part or in full. A verbal notification of consent is not sufficient after the person fined has first refused the procedure.

By paying the summary penal order, the person fined consents to the consideration of the case in a fine procedure. The summary penal order is confirmed either by a fixed petty fine order or a fine order issued by the pre-trial investigation authority or by a penal order or a fixed petty fine order issued by the prosecutor.

If the person fined has not paid the fine by the deadline, the fine matter becomes criminal proceedings, or a pre-trial investigation, consideration of charges and a possible trial. Any late payments are not accepted; instead, they are returned to the payer.

Fines imposed by a court can be converted into imprisonment if they are left unpaid.