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Police crime press release from the Prosecutor´s Office of Eastern Uusimaa

The Finnish Prosecution Service
Publication date 12.11.2013 17.10
Press release


The Office of the Prosecutor General ordered earlier this autumn that a criminal investigation be launched into suspected violations of official duty allegedly committed by Detective Chief Inspector of the Helsinki Police Department Jari Aarnio. On the basis of facts revealed during that investigation, there is now reason to suspect Jari Aarnio of aggravated abuse of public office and aggravated acceptance of a bribe. There is no connection between the earlier case under investigation and the current investigation.

On the basis of facts established during the pre-trial investigation, there is reason to believe that representatives of a private company providing goods and services to government offices and agencies have given bribes.

There are reasonable grounds to believe that Detective Chief Inspector Aarnio participated in the public procurement procedure of his employer even if he was disqualified to do so. It is also suspected that persons representing the private company gave bribes to Aarnio several times. Furthermore, a senior police officer of the Security Intelligence Service has been involved in the business of the company concerned.

Several persons have been apprehended and searches of premises have been conducted during the investigation.

The investigation into the offences allegedly committed by police officers is led by District Prosecutor Jukka Haavisto and District Prosecutor Krista Soukola from the Prosecutor’s Office of Eastern Uusimaa.

For the other persons involved, Detective Superintendent Karl Linderborg and Detective Inspector Kai Käkelä from the National Bureau of Investigation are in charge of the investigation.

Another press release will be issued on Thursday 14 November 2013 at 13.00 unless there is a need to provide information before that.

District Prosecutors Jukka Haavisto and Krista Soukola