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The work of a prosecutor is diverse, independent and demanding handling of criminal matters, also involving international duties. Of all authorities handling a criminal matter, the role of the prosecutor is the most extensive.

Prosecutors have the opportunity to specialise in specific types of crime. Such areas of specialisation include e.g. financial crime.

Working for the National Prosecution Authority

Here at the National Prosecution Authority, we perform important work for maintaining a safe society. The National Prosecution Authority is a well-liked and desirable employer, due to which there are always plenty of applicants for the open positions.

The work of a prosecutor is demanding, diverse and independent administration of justice. The unique features of the National Prosecution Authority include the opportunity to specialise in certain areas of crime requiring special expertise, such as financial crime, and the authority's own, comprehensive training system.

Chief District Prosecutors, District Prosecutors, Senior Specialised Prosecutors as well as Executive Secretaries and Prosecutor's Assistants work at the National Prosecution Authority. The Prosecutor General, the Deputy Prosecutor General and State Prosecutors work at the Office of the Prosecutor General. In addition to lawyers, the office employs financial and HR administration, training and communications experts as well as office staff.

The National Prosecution Authority employs around 550 people, around 400 of which are prosecutors.


The National Prosecution Authority is a high-level expert organisation that supports the expertise of its personnel with wide-ranging and diverse training. The training of prosecutors and secretaries supports their expertise and reinforces the entire authority's preparedness to operate in a changing world.

The training is planned in co-operation with the prosecutors, ministries, universities, the police and other stakeholders. There are around 100 training days each year.

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