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Scam messages in English are being sent in the name of the National Prosecution Authority

The Finnish Prosecution Service
Publication date 3.11.2021 15.07 | Published in English on 4.11.2021 at 16.32
Press release

The National Prosecution Authority has discovered a case, in which an individual received a request for payment in English related to taxes via email in the name of the “National authority for investigation and prosecution Finland” and “National Tax Revenue Finland”.

The request claims that the prosecuting authority is collecting unpaid taxes. This is a scam. 

If you have received a suspicious request for payment via email, follow these instructions:
•                         Do not respond to the message. 
•                         Do not click any links in the message.
•                         Do not enter your information on any website you have reached by clicking a link in an email message.

The Finnish Prosecution Service is investigating the matter together with the security authorities.